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89-4455 Service-Oriented Computing (SOC)
(Summer Term 2015)

Lecture (2 contact hours)
Every Tuesday from 8.15 am to 9.45 am.
Please note: The first lecture will take place in room 48-379, the rest of the lectures will be held in room 32-349.

All relevant documents will be provided via the OLAT e-learning platform of the university. Please register for the course here.

The course password will be provided during the lecture. Other requests will not be answered.

A short registration tutorial for OLAT can be found here . Slide sets will be provided step by step in OLAT

Exercise (1 contact hour):

The course will be held every second Tuesday at 1.45 pm in room 32-349. Starting appointment will be announced in OLAT.

Exercise sheets will be uploaded in OLAT. Solutions upload and feedback will be also managed over the OLAt platform.

Contact (Lecture)

Database access not possible.

Contact (Exercise)

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