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INF-4453 High Performance Computing (Introduction)
(Summer Term 2014)

Lecture (5 contact hours)
Every Monday from 10 am to 11.30 am in room 46-280.

Course Schedule:See lecture site in KIS

Usage of high performance computers and their batch systems

  • basic knowledge on high performance computing
  • basic knowledge in the parallelization of simulation programs in C/C++
  • basic techniques for the parallelization on multicore computers and massively parallel computers

This course introduces high performance computing and the use of high performance computers, especially remote login on systems with UNIX and usage of their batch systems. In addition different ways of parallelizing simulation programs in C/C++ are discussed and presented for multicore systems (OpenMP) and for massively parallel systems with message passing (MPI).

Slide sets will be provided step by step here.

Every 2nd week:
  • Monday, 14:00, room 32-411
  • Alternative: Tuesday, 08:00, room 34-310 every 2nd week on Tuesday from 8.15 - 9.45 am in room 48-462.

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