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89-4481 Project 'Service-oriented Computing'
(Winter Term 2012/2013)

SOA Integration

The project "SOA Integration" will be performed in cooperation with Software AG , Darmstadt. Software AG is the leader in Business Process Excellence and the World's 7th Fastest Growing Technology Company.

As a student participating in this project, you will utilize Software AG technology to integrate provided applications and freely available Web services in a service-oriented architecture. The resulting browser-based interface allows multiple user groups to access the underlying system.

Within the project team, you and the other participants will assume the typical roles of an IT project, such as project leader, analyst or GUI designer.

Your assignment will be the creation of a Campus Management System. The project, Campus Connect, touches on the total academic lifecycle. However, you will only be required to implement two departments of the university - the exam registration office and the enrolment office. You will use Software AG technologies to set up a service-oriented architecture and integrate existing applications into a new campus management system. What the resulting browser-based graphical user interface looks like is completely up to you. There is a lot of room for your creativity.

Detailed documentation and support will be available. The Software AG will provide you with video tutorials (cookbooks) with which you can learn how to use the Software AG tools to realize your project.

After successfully participating in the project, you will receive a certificate by Software AG.

Project Duration

This project will start on 15th of October 2012. The duration of the project is 3 months.

Note 1: The project will start only if at least six authorized students register to participate.

Note 2: The maximun number of participants is restricted to eight.


A prerequisite for the registration is a successfull participation in the course "Service-Oriented Architectures".

All authotized students can apply in OLAT until 05.10.2012 under Enrolment.

A short registration tutorial for OLAT can be found here .

Note: Students not meeting the prerequisite will be deleted from the list.

Kick-off meeting

Date: October 16th
Time: 10:00 AM
Room 32-349


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