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89-1481 Project 'Service-oriented Computing'
(Winter Term 2009/10)

SOA Integration

The project "SOA Integration" will be performed in cooperation with Software AG, Darmstadt. The goal of the project is to modernise an existing application.

SAG Tours is a travel organiser running its business using a legacy mainframe application. In order to address the challenges of the Internet business and in order to acquire new business areas, this application shall now be integrated into a service-oriented architecture.

As a student participating in this project, you will be using software from Software AG in order to modernise and transform this old legacy application into services. You will also re-use existing services (e.g. weather service, map service) for enhancing the available functionality. Requirements analysis, service design, service implementation and service operation will be made using software from Software AG. Detailed documentation and support will be available.

After successfully participating in the project, you will receive your credit points and a valuable certificate by Software AG.

The project will start at the end of October 2009. There must be at least eight students who want to participate. Please send an email to project2009@icsy.de if you are interested in this project.


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