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The Interactive Group Communication System (IGCS) is designed to support distributed applications particularly applications for cooperative work.

The IGCS provides powerful but easy to use services for group communication. IGCS provides functionalities for dynamical definition of groups, group members and channels. IGCS is also very flexible, in order to be used in varying network environments. Data transport is realized by using TCP, HTTP or SSL depending on the user requirements and the network enviroment. Further there are mechanisms to concatenate IP multicast domains. This enables the integration of multicast based applications, for example the MBone video and audio tools. Users of IGCS do not need to know any details about protocols or the specific network environment to use these functionalities. The IGCS can adapt to fast as well as to slow network environments. Firewalls which often separate LAN from WAN are also taken into account. Before using IGCS for the first time some configuration information must be provided. This task is supported by some tools including a configuration wizard.

The Manual provides an overview of the IGCS.

The Java classes and docs are available here.

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