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Integrated Communication Systems Lab (ICSY)

The main goal of the Integrated Communication Systems (ICSY) Lab is the scientific verification of integrated communication implementations within heterogeneous network environments. To achieve this goal, paradigms like service-oriented architecture (SOA), Grid and Cloud technology as well as middleware for communication are being used in a large variety of applications.

The central focus lies on the following two subjects:

1. Service-oriented Architectures

The emphasis of service-oriented architectures is the usage of services. The functionalities of services are accessible through public interfaces and can thus be consumed directly by the user or by some software component acting on his behalf. The main research activities consist in the design and the development of services with specific constraints like reliability, granularity, security, usability etc. that can be integrated in SOA applications.

2. Future Internet

The term "Future Internet" denotes a new area of research in the field of communication systems. Elementary and fundamental new ideas for future networks are being developed and revolutionary concepts relying on non backward compatible technologies -- so-called clean slate approaches -- are considered. In this context, ICSY analyzes network architectures with a high degree of flexibility and develops mechanisms for implementing such networks.

The ICSY Flyer (show PDF) informs you about our current activities. The quarterly ICSY Report sums up past activities of the ICSY lab:


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