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89-1452 Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)
(Summer Term 2009)

Access credentials for downloading the documents will be provided during the lecture. Other requests will not be answered.

Lecture (2 contact hours)
every Wednesday from 11.45 h to 13.15 h in room 48-379

Slide Sets (will be provided step by step):

  1. Overview and Motivation (German)
  2. Distributed Systems and SOA (German | English)
  3. Theoretical Background (German | English)
  4. Anatomy of a Service-oriented Architecture (German | English)
  5. Web Services (German | English)
  6. Developing Service-oriented Architectures (German | English)
  7. Conclusion and Outlook (German | English)
Additional Slide Sets:
  1. German-English Glossary (German / English)
  2. History of Distributed Systems and SOA

Exercise (1 contact hour):
every Thursday from 10.00 h to 11.30 h in room 32-349

PDF files:

Additional information:
  • Exam dates can be fixed in the secretariats 34/308 and 34/310
  • The sample solutions will only be available in the reserved reading shelf (computer science department library).

Contact (Lecture)

Prof. Dr. Paul Müller
Room: 34-312
Telephone: 0631/205-2263

Dr.-Ing. Markus Hillenbrand
Room: 34-319
Telephone: 0631/205-4173

Contact (Exercise)

Dipl.-Inf. Simon Schwantzer
Room: 36-414
Telephone: 0631/205-3287

Dipl.-Inform. Tino Fleuren
Room: 32-350
Telephone: 0631/205-2891

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